Throughout history, when humans strategized about ways to deal with impending danger or how to recover from disaster, they likely focused on things such as improving defenses and stockpiling supplies. While these are critical elements, we now understand that they’re not enough. Our strategies also must include plans for helping the human heart to heal. This is no longer just a poetic notion, but a very real priority if people are to make the best recoveries possible. There are no perfect plans for providing psychological healing, and we still have much to learn about this dimension, but it’s important to elevate its importance within your broad Crisis Response Plan.  Enlightened executives at Orlando Health immediately grasped the psychological fallout from this tragedy and fully supported the allied efforts of our EAP and our Physician Coach. They wanted as much care as possible for the team members who’d responded with such brilliance and heart to this Pulse shooting. May you never have to endure such a painful event, but should one occur, know that your teams will always remember the attention and care that you provided not just for their safety and not just for strategies to carry on in the face of unexpected difficulties, but how you cared for their hearts after the smoke clears.