Orlando Health’s internal EAP is a small, quiet department that provides a safe place for team members to discuss personal or job-related concerns with a licensed psychotherapist in complete confidentiality. Most of our work happens in private sessions, but when a traumatic event affects an entire department, we facilitate critical incident debriefings to support the staff’s natural recovery process. We advise HR and leadership on behavioral health matters, deliver presentations when times permits and keep up with community resources. For nearly 30 years, our services have been highly utilized, and our work has always felt very meaningful by knowing that we’re helping those who help others. At the time of the Pulse event, our team consisted of three therapists and a department secretary.



The utilization of a physician coach was a new endeavor for Orlando Health. My role was developed only seven months earlier to address physician burnout. All of my work was confidential and most physicians had yet to be exposed to the resource. Up until the time of the Pulse event the purpose of a physician coach/counselor was to provide support and training in such areas as leadership, communication and conflict resolution. My role expanded dramatically after the Pulse tragedy.