At the end of a very long Sunday, a huge truck pulled up from Safeway. They said that they just filled up with water and snacks and fruit and headed out to help wherever they could. They had gone to the blood bank that was packed but they were overflowing with donations so they headed to ORMC. We all went outside to help unload... Even our CEO, David Strong.


Donations came in from all over the world. The outpouring was really beautiful and helped our teams, the families and the victims a lot. There are several categories that fall under this area.

  • Banners
  • Cards and inspirational gifts
  • Food
  • Water
  • Services (clinical, therapy, salon, travel, accommodations and so on)
  • Gift Cards
  • Celebrity/ Government visits

Volunteer Services worked closely with Community Relations on the collection, documentation and distribution of donations. We had some lessons learned and created some guidelines and documents to ensure a seamless set up if we should ever need it again.


  • Establish a list of items needed and appropriate and what is not appropriate for the hospital.
  • Set up a phone number and an email address for people to reach out and get answers of what we are truly in need of.
  • Prepare an automatic response listing the appropriate items needed and how people can help.
  • Provide a script and train operators, patient experience staff and volunteers how to answer the phone and respond to the donations.
  • Provide a list of acceptable charities to donate to in the community.
  • Establish a fund within the foundation to support efforts around the incident.
  • Comprehensive tracking sheets — include quantity, contact person, phone number, address and description of items.
    1. Tracking/ Spreadsheet for donations that come in through the departments and were not seen by Volunteer Services or Community Relations
  • Work closely with security to determine the safety of all donations.
  • Establish a protocol for celebrity and government visits and assign a team member to each for visiting.