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A heart-centered life means living for what’s important to you. But are you taking care of what makes it all possible – your heart that beats over 3,000 times per hour? At the Orlando Health Heart Institute, we’re here to help you keep the beat strong. With highly experienced specialists and the latest technology, we offer innovative treatments and a variety of cardiovascular services – from testing and imaging, to heart and vascular surgery and rehabilitation. So you’ll have everything you need to heart your heart.

Free Resources for Heart Health

Maintaining good heart health is a daily challenge. Check out these free resources to help you be good to your heart. 


- Check out our Calcium Score Testing Flyer to learn how a coronary calcium scan will give you and your doctor important insight into your heart health.

- Our Heart Disease Prevention Guide provides helpful guidance on staying heart-healthy.

- Use our Blood Pressure Wallet Card to track your blood pressure and share with your doctor. 

- Take our Heart Healthy Shopping List to the grocery store with you to make smart food choices. 


To access all four resources, submit the web form with your information for immediate download.

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