Linda Hurley

A Family of Care

At my first appointment with Dr. Baidas, he told me that a team of doctors would work together to come up with a plan just for me — to take care of me. And that’s the moment I knew I was at the right place. Everywhere I go, everybody is so kind, patient and loving. To me, these people are my family.

Alba Diaz

“I choose to feel fantástica.”

Getting older doesn’t need to slow you down. Alba, an 85-year-old great-grandmother was often feeling fatigued and short of breath. But after a minimally invasive procedure called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), she regained all of her energy. Learn how an hour-long procedure gave Alba her full life back.

The Taylor Family

“I choose a healthy future for my baby”

When a routine ultrasound during Akosua’s pregnancy showed her baby had spina bifida, she decided the diagnosis would not define her baby. After careful research, Akosua chose Orlando Health to perform the first in utero spina bifida surgery in the state of Florida. Find out how Orlando Health changed baby Celeste and her family’s life.

Amber Brown

“I choose to take back control of my life”

After years of being an emotional eater, Amber weighed 350 pounds and had numerous medical conditions. She finally decided enough was enough, and came to Orlando Health to look for an option to change her future. Learn more about how bariatric surgery and the doctors at Orlando Health gave Amber her life back.

128625 - Chris Pierce - landing Page_ Banner_R1

“I choose to get back in the race.”

When a fun day in the park with his granddaughter became an unsuccessful trip to the ER, Chris knew he needed top-notch care to treat his rare injury. After consulting with multiple doctors, Orlando Health Orthopedic Institute was the only one who could treat Chris and get him back to running the race. Find out how Orlando Health helped Chris not only once, but twice, for his rare leg injury.


“I choose playtime with my great-grandkids.”

You could say Lynn has been through it all. He’s battled cancer and malaria, suffered from painful back problems, and has even had a stent in his heart and shoulder replacement surgery. But Lynn won’t let his health get in the way of spending time with his grandkids and giving back to the community. The one place that Lynn trusts to give him the best care possible is Orlando Health South Lake Hospital. Learn more about Lynn’s story and how Orlando Health took care of all his needs.

Ted Jackson

“I choose enjoying an evening walk with my wife.”

When the moment came that Ted was in too much pain to enjoy an evening stroll with his wife, he knew something had to change. New to Orlando, Ted did some research and asked around about different hospitals in the area. The one name that kept coming up was Orlando Health. With two convenient locations near his house, Ted knew he was making the right choice. Find out how Orlando Health gave Ted the freedom to walk without pain.

Alexander's Story

"I choose a rambunctious boyhood for Alexander."

Can you imagine how it would feel to learn that your baby boy was born with a hole in his heart? At a six-month checkup, Julia and Bryan Montgomery Stewart found out that their son Alexander had an atrial septal defect – a whole in his heart chamber the size of a quarter. Learn how the Stewarts found a healing treatment for Alexander “right in their own backyard.”

Betty Jo Bruce

"I choose to appreciate life."

Brucie was getting ready for a date night with her husband when she felt like steam was coming out of her ears and near her shoulder blades. That’s when she knew she needed emergency level care. It wasn’t long before an ambulance was rushing her to Orlando Health - Health Central Hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Find out how Orlando Health gave Brucie life-saving care and helped her beat the odds.

Claire Color Profile Image

“I choose a pain-free, active life again.”

For Claire, the busy executive, day-to-day life had become exhausting due to her knee problems. Simply standing and walking became a painful effort. Find out how Claire got past her knee pain to live an active life again.

Carlene Flood

“I choose time with my family.”

Carlene never expected to hear that she had stage-four lung cancer. The cancer was progressing rapidly, and the prognosis was not good. But with the help of the team of doctors at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, Carlene found the care that saved her life. Learn how her cancer treatment has allowed her to focus on living life to the fullest.

Eva Johnson Color Callout Image

“I choose a life of confidence after cancer and lymphedema.”

Even though Eva had a family history of cancer, she never expected to face cancer at the age of 30. After cancer treatment, her active lifestyle became compromised by a swollen arm caused by lymphedema. Find out how Eva beat lymphedema with a revolutionary procedure to enjoy golfing, bowling and activities with her son once again.

Hilary and Landis

“I choose to be Landis’ biggest cheerleader.”

Early on, Hilary knew there were complications with her pregnancy. “One day, about six weeks from my due date, I came in for my routine sonogram, but something wasn’t right. The doctor came in and said we would need to be admitted to the hospital right away.” Learn more about Hilary and Landis’ story, and how Orlando Health changed both of their lives.

Jason Mulcahy

“I choose to travel and inspire others.”

Imagine being diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer and being told you have months to live. That happened to Jason during a summer vacation. But he was determined to find the best cancer treatment to beat the odds. He found a state-of-the-art brain cancer treatment at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center that allows him to continue living the life he loves.

Karen Testimonial Profile Image

“I choose to get on my bike and just go.”

Karen knew exactly what to expect when having a stroke, but still couldn’t believe it was happening to her. What was supposed to be a normal day at work suddenly took a turn for the worst. Through the entire experience, Karen says she couldn’t have been in a better place to receive immediate, lifesaving care. Learn how Karen became a stroke survivor thanks to the care she received at Orlando Health.

Paige Tracy

"I choose to live life with a purpose."

Paige was always disciplined about getting her annual mammogram at Orlando Health, because of her family history with breast cancer. “When the nurse called and told me I needed to come back in the next morning, I could hear something in her voice – something that told me it was urgent.” Learn more how Paige’s journey with breast cancer at Orlando Health brought a new path and purpose to her life.

Lisa Wasserman

“I choose getting my life back.”

Lisa had been experiencing lower back pain for several weeks, but just assumed it was a pulled muscle. One morning she felt a sudden burst of pain, and lost all feeling in her leg. She was eventually diagnosed with a rare kind of ruptured disk that made her situation more difficult and complex. Learn how surgery at Orlando Health was the best option for Lisa.

Peggy Sue

“I choose a full life of work, fun and relaxation.”

Peggy Sue had walked with other family members through cancer, so when she found out she had breast cancer, she thought she knew what to expect. But from her first appointment at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, her expectations were overturned. Find out why Peggy Sue recommends Orlando Health to others today.