Helping Gamers Keep a Healthy Edge

Fast reflexes, focus, skill and stamina. It’s why gaming is not only a passion for many, but a serious sport. As with any sport, proper conditioning and care of your body is essential to maintain a competitive edge. As the official medical team of Magic Gaming — an NBA 2K League — Orlando Health is here to help players stay in peak condition.

Watch our Partnership in Action

We’re thrilled to have been awarded “Partnership of the Year” by the NBA 2K League for our fully-integrated partnership with Magic Gaming! As the team’s official medical team and jersey sponsor, we’re honored to provide medical care to players throughout the season and be a pioneer in esports research.

Free Guide to Healthy Gaming

Gaming offers many benefits for “kids” of all ages – from improving hand-eye coordination and analytical skills to training surgeons and aerospace professionals. However, physical problems can develop without the right strategies to support a healthy posture and injury-free play.


Download our free guide with tips for proper ergonomics and preventive exercises to keep the gamers in your home feeling their best.

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