Pre-Op Information

At the NeuroSpine Center of Excellence, we understand that patients may have questions and concerns before, during and after spine surgery. For that reason, we offer a pre-op education class for patients and their families in a comfortable classroom setting. Therapists and nursing professionals provide easy-to-understand clinical information and answer many questions that may arise before surgery. The class covers topics such as how to prepare for surgery, what to bring to the hospital, needs for recovery, rehabilitation, hospital stay and discharge process.

Our physicians provide each patient an informational binder 4 to 6 weeks prior to surgery. Each binder covers a variety of topics from the surgery itself to the recovery period – from physical therapy to follow-up care at home. Safety tips are included to help each family provide a safe and more comfortable environment in the home during rehabilitation. After the course, patients wishing to view the surgery and rehab centers are welcome to take a personalized tour of the facilities.