A New Home, A New Knee

I knew for a while that I needed a knee replacement. In fact, I should have had surgery at least 10-15 years earlier. When I couldn’t even take a walk with my wife, Janelle, anymore because of the pain, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

When we moved to Orlando about a year ago from San Diego, I did a lot of research on the hospitals in the area. Friends recommended Orlando Health, and Orlando Health – Health Central Hospital in Ocoee is very convenient to where we live. When I walked into the hospital, I was impressed. I liked the look and the feel of it. I felt comfortable there. For my primary care, I have all my bloodwork and labs done at Orlando Health – Health Central, and I love the hospital facility and the people there.

In January, 2018, I had a total knee replacement done at Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital. Again, it’s another welcoming building — very nice, beautiful hospital. And the care I received before and after my surgery was absolutely outstanding. I can’t even describe it well enough. I would have expected it to be as least as good as the hospital I came from in San Diego, but it exceeded my expectations.

The day after my surgery, I did “Joint Camp.” They got me up walking and working the leg, and I left the hospital later that day. Within three days, I was off the walker and the cane. For the first time in a long, long time, I can walk without any pain. I can go up and down the stairs easily. We used to like to do a lot of bike riding, and I’m getting back to enjoying that again with my wife. I also like to swim laps. I was swimming 50 laps before the surgery, and I’m working to build back up to that.

The thing that gets me most about both hospitals is that I haven’t met a person yet that I didn’t like. And I’m talking about everybody, from the people who served me meals to the nurses and lab techs — they’re all just wonderful. Both hospitals are designed, I think, to be warm and welcoming, instead of dark hallways. That impressed me. But the people are unbelievable. I haven’t met one person at either hospital who isn’t willing to help.

Part of the reason I chose Orlando Health was the location of Health Central Hospital, as well as Dr. P. Phillips. They were both very convenient. They also had good reviews, and I had referrals from friends. In the end, to me, it’s all about the people. While they’re both beautiful facilities, a building’s a building. But the people inside and what they do, how they carry themselves and how they treat me, is totally amazing. I could use 50,000 words to describe Orlando Health, but I’ll just go with these three: awesome, incredible and inviting. I’m hoping I stay here in Orlando, because I don’t want to leave these hospitals.



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Ted Jackson

It gave me my freedom back.

My knee pain had gotten so bad that I found it hard to walk and stand. Everything was a real effort, and it was exhausting. Knee replacement surgery at Orlando Health gave me my freedom back. I now have my normal life back and don’t have to question if I can do something anymore.

Nationally recognized joint program. Local care.

Nationally recognized joint program. Local care.

Learn more about the nationally recognized hip and knee replacement program at Dr. Phillips Hospital.

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