The Neuroform EZ Stent System, HUD

The Neuroform EZ Stent System, HUD

  • Clinical Trial Information

    Trial Contact: Feazell, Allisun

    Trial Phone: 321.841.1862

  • IRB No: 07.069.09

    Protocol Abbrev: Neuroform EZ

    Principal Investigator: Kevin Joseph De La Roza, MD

    Phase: Device: Category N/A

    Age Group: Adult

    Treatment: Neuroform EZ Stent System

    Therapies Involved: Surgery

  • Objective

    The Neuroform Microdelivery Stent System consists of a Stent and a delivery system. The Stent is a permanent implant that is placed across the aneurysm neck. It is a tiny mesh tube that is made from a material called nitinol. The delivery system consists of catheters that are used to thread the Stent through your artery to the aneurysm neck. After the Stent is in place, your doctor fills the aneurysm sac with coils. The purpose of the coils is to fill the aneurysm and lower the chance of the aneurysm rupturing. The Stent keeps the coils from falling out of the aneurysm sac.

  • Key Eligibility

    Wide neck aneurysms in the brain that cannot be treated with open brain surgery