Spiritual Care

The spiritual component of addressing "holistic" wellness or healing has always been an important part of health care, with the first hospitals originating from faith communities. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has acknowledged the important contribution of spiritual care to positive patient outcomes, and requires that the institutions it accredits address the spiritual needs of patients and families. The Spiritual Care Department of Dr. P. Phillips Hospital serves to provide for those spiritual needs.

The mission of the Spiritual Care Department is to encourage the growth and healing of mind, body and spirit through a spiritual presence of faith, hope and love for the individuals and communities we serve. Chaplains are available and committed to ministering with respect and compassion to the patients, families, and staff of Dr. P .Phillips Hospital. A chaplain can help you with your concerns and bring comfort and hope to you and your family.

For non-emergency Spiritual Care services, patients can leave a message at the Spiritual Care Office line 321.842.8008, ask the nurse to request a chaplain, or call the operator to have a chaplain paged.

For emergency Spiritual Care services, patients or staff can call the hospital operator to have the on-duty chaplain paged. Chaplains are available (either on-site or on-call) for Dr. P. Phillips Hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chapel Location: The Dr. P. Phillips Chapel is located on the 1st Floor, just off the main lobby.

Spiritual Care Office Location: The Dr. P. Phillips Spiritual Care Office is located adjacent to the chapel on the 1st Floor, just off the main lobby.

Telephone Numbers:

  • Spiritual Care Office (Non-Emergency) 321.842.8008
  • Spiritual Care (Emergency) 407.351.8500  - Call the hospital's operator to have chaplain paged.