Bone Densitometry

Bone densitometry, or DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), is an exam that detects early bone loss by measuring bone mineral density with a low-dose radiation. The spine and hip are the most common sites of measurement. Dr. P. Phillips Hospital has registered technologists that perform these scans.

During the test, you will lie on a table comfortably on your back. Our technician will enter information in the computer which is used to compare your results with a normal reference group. There are no injections or oral preparations for the test and it usually lasts about 45 minutes.

The needs for DEXA vary somewhat depending on the physician and/or medical provider. Some reasons to receive a DEXA include:

  • To diagnose osteoporosis.
  • Assessment of asymptomatic perimenopausal women to determine if therapy is needed.
  • Diagnosis of osteoporosis in patients with signs of osteoporosis on X-rays or MRIs.
  • Assessment of bone mass in patients with diseases or medications known to cause bone loss.
  • Assessment of bone mass prior to alternate therapy for patients unable to tolerate estrogen replacement therapy (i.e. patients with breast cancer or thrombophlebis).
  • Monitoring treatment efficacy.

The bone densitometry test provides information about your risk of bone fracture in the same way a cholesterol test indicates risk of a heart attack. Your physician may use the results to work on an early treatment plan to prevent fractures before they occur. Such treatment plans may include diet, exercise, hormones, or other medications used to prevent bone loss.

Consult your physician if you have questions about osteoporosis or bone density.

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital Radiology Department offers a complete range of diagnostic testing:

  • DEXA scan
  • CT (Computed Tomography) Scan
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography)
  • Ultrasound
  • General x-rays

The Radiology Department is open seven days a week from 7:00am to 7:00pm and is located on the 1st floor of Dr. P. Phillips Hospital. Allow approximately 1 hour for this procedure to be completed. No special prep is necessary for a bone densitometry (or DEXA scan) test.

To schedule an appointment please call (321) 841-5724.

For more information about Dr. P. Phillips Hospital Radiology, please call (407) 351-8519.