Joint Replacement

Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital is pleased to have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement. Dr. P. Phillips Hospital underwent a rigorous onsite review by the Joint Commission where experts evaluated compliance with advanced disease-specific care standards and total hip and total knee replacement requirements, including orthopedic consultation, and pre-operative, intraoperative and post-surgical orthopedic surgeon follow-up care. Achieving the certification recognizes Dr. P. Phillips’ Hospital commitment to provide care in a safe and efficient manner for patients.

Our team of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals understands preparing for surgery may be stressful. Our goals are to assure every patient receives the highest quality personalized care and achieves an excellent outcome. The objectives of joint replacement surgery are to reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and restore greater independence.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Your joint replacement team includes your surgeon, registered nurses, physical therapists, and care coordinators. Depending on your needs, additional team members may visit you from occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, or other departments. All are committed to making your surgery a success. Each feature of our program is designed for the best results, leading to discharge from the hospital, usually within one to three days after surgery.

Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your loved ones. Preparation and education will help you achieve optimal results. As part of the program, a family member or friend is strongly encouraged to serve as your “coach.” This person should be physically capable, available and actively involved in all steps of your joint replacement recovery. Your coach is critical to your success once you return home. Please identify someone who can meet these qualifications.

Joint Replacement Surgery Education

Research has shown that patients gain confidence, feel less anxious, and have a better outcome when they know what to expect. Our Joint Replacement Center offers a live, interactive pre-op education class that will familiarize you and your “coach” with the expectations of joint replacement surgery. Nursing professionals provide information in a relaxed, comfortable setting and answer any questions you may have. The class covers topics including how to prepare your home and yourself for surgery, what to bring to the hospital, medication instructions, hospital stay, discharge process, rehabilitation, and avoiding complications.

At this time, all in-person Total Joint Replacement education classes at Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital have been replaced with a VIRTUAL option through Zoom. Classes are free and are held every Wednesday and Thursday morning from 10:00 a.m. to noon. If you have additional questions or want to sign up for a class, please contact the Orthopedic Clinical Coordinator at (321) 842-7206 or email [email protected].

Joint Camp

The day after your surgery, you will begin “Joint Camp” with other patients who have had total knee or total hip replacement. Your “coach” is strongly encouraged to attend Joint Camp with you to learn your post-op exercises and activity restrictions. Through group exercise, patients encourage and support one another and often feel a sense of camaraderie and friendship. Joint Camp will help you grow stronger, move about safely and reduce any anxiety you may be feeling, while helping you clearly understand how to perform the exercises you need to continue when you leave the hospital.

For more information on pre-op education classes or joint replacement surgery at Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital please contact our Orthopedic Coordinator at (321) 842-7206.

Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery

At Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, we’re committed to offering our patients the most advanced treatment options for improved health outcomes and quality of life. For individuals with arthritic knee and hip problems, we are proud to offer Mako® robotic-arm assisted surgery. Click here for more information.