Health Central University

Health Central University believes that all employees have a responsibility to seek out and obtain continuing education relevant to their practice discipline. It is only through ongoing development of skills and knowledge that we can continue providing excellence in patient care and exemplary customer service. Health Central University recognizes its crucial responsibility to provide pertinent education and resources to all staff members.

The Educators at Health Central University emphatically believe that all patients have a right to receive the best possible care that is based on published, peered-reviewed evidence. This culture of evidence-based practice is also applied in all aspects of teaching and knowledge dissemination to employees, patients and family members.

Health Central University Educators further affirm that Health Central has an obligation to promote health within the community through educational programs such as Diabetes education and health awareness. Promoting health and sharing knowledge within the community is a noble responsibility and obligation of all health care organizations.

School Instructor Information

Health Central Hospital is dedicated to providing a safe healthcare environment for all patients, as well as an exceptional learning environment for students.  Clinical students will have access to a wide selection of educational opportunities designed to facilitate the development of highly skilled and knowledgeable professional caregivers.

Below items are required for placing students in clinical rotation:

All student forms must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to student rotation start.

CARE must be completed. Please contact the Student Coordinator for more information.

The following documents are to be completed and returned in a PDF format to [email protected]:

  • Provide evidence of having received a Flu vaccinatio
  • ID Badge Data Sheet
  • Student Confidentiality Statement Form
  • Student photo for ID badge (photo must be in JPEG format)

Please send evidence of having received Flu Vaccine or Flu Vaccine Declination, Student Confidentiality Statement Form and Student photo in one email with the student's name in the subject line.

Student Rosters

Please complete both Student Roster Forms and send together in one email in PDF format with the Name of the School and Student Rosters in the subject line:

  • HCU Student Roster Form
  • IS Student Roster Form

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].