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Our team is here to support you. If you have questions related to changes occurring to a female during puberty, please request an appointment.

Adolescent Gynecology Program

For young women going through the changes that accompany puberty, it can be a scary time full of questions. Young women may wonder if what they’re experiencing is normal or if something is wrong. The Adolescent Gynecology team at the Orlando Health Women’s Pavilion – Winter Park is here to answer a young woman’s questions and address concerns. We provide care and consultation for all females currently going through puberty.

Adolescent gynecology provides a way for young women to become familiar with gynecological services and exams in a way that is respectable, comfortable and informative. For example, an adolescent who hasn’t undergone a pelvic exam before may find it to be an intimidating experience. Our providers take the time to get to know our patients, explain each procedure and test, and respect a patients’ right to say “no” to anything beyond their personal comfort level.

Care Focused on the Needs of Young Women

Our Adolescent Gynecology team is here to help young women going through puberty to understand what is happening to their bodies and address any concerns or issues that arise during this transition period. The Adolescent Gynecology team works with other specialty providers within the Orlando Health Women’s Pavilion to ensure that each patient receives streamlined, holistic care. For example, if a patient is dealing with anxiety related to pubertal changes, we can refer them to our Behavioral Health team for mental health support. When it comes time for the patient to transition to an adult gynecologist, we are happy to provide a referral and smooth transition to our Gynecology Program team.

Program Offerings

We provide care for young women who are currently going through puberty and may have questions about what’s happening to their body or have concerns they need addressed, such as:

Our team offers the following services for adolescent females:

Elizabeth Carreno Rijo MD

“Our Adolescent Gynecology Program gives access to care for young women who are growing up and developing in new ways. They may have questions about puberty and what is happening to them and knowing whether they are normal or not. They may want reassurance that most of the processes they are going through are a normal part of development.”

Elizabeth Carreno, MD