• All Cell Repairs

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    Discount Details: 10% off Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Personal Music Player, and Computer Repairs.

    Discount Restrictions: Can not be combined with other offers.

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    Eric Hokanson

  • AT&T

    Discount Validation: Fan code is required.  FAN CODE: 108008

    Discount Details: You may create a new account, register for additional discounts or secure phone, device and plan upgrades.

    Discount Restrictions: For online activations only.

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    To contact, visit www.ATT.com.

  • T-Mobile

    Team Member Exclusive: Yes

    Team Member Validation: Orlando Health Employees must call 866-464-8662

    Discount Details: Zero Down on most handsets for Orlando Health Employees **** Restrictions apply***

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    Data Stash

    Un-Leash from Carrier

    $30 for 10 GB

    Discount Restrictions: All T-Mobile offers are only available by calling 866-464-8662. Offers ARE NOT available at T-Mobile Retail locations

    Corporate Contact:


    Mimi Ruiz