Women's Self Defense at Orlando HaganaH

Discount Details: Cost is normally $80 a month or $20 for a drop in, but Orlando HaganaH is offering Orlando Health Team Members a 10% discount. That means you will only pay $72 for the month or $18 for a drop in.

Orlando HaganaH is Central Florida's premier Real World Self Defense Training Facility. Our Women's Self Defense Class is designed to give you the best chance of dealing with an attack on the street. The techniques you will learn will teach you how to defend and ultimately survive a multitude of scenarios. Every strike is designed to create damage. Every tactic has both a defensive and offensive element. Techniques are overlapped to "short-circuit" and overwhelm the attacker. THERE ARE NO RULES of engagement. Every technique builds on instinctive responses.

Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm at 1560 Orange Ave, Winter Park 32789 inside Winter Park Health & Fitness.

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