Indigo Float

Indigo Float is happy to bring this unique mind/body therapy to the SODO District and offer the following wellness program for all Orlando Health team members!!


Indigo Float™ offers floatation therapy using premium FloatSpa® Floatation pods exclusively  Our floatation pods are the only commercial pods that completely drain after each session.  This allows for a much higher level of cleanliness and sanitation than any other commercial floatation device in the world.


Floatation Therapy was developed in the 1950’s by the National Institute of Health here in the US and consists of floating in a solution of 900lbs of Epsom salt and 11 inches of water in a sensory restricted environment.  This drug free therapy has been shown to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, pain and insomnia.  The effects have been shown to be cumulative and long lasting.


This unique therapy is also being used to treat PTSD and CTE and is currently used by the US Military, professional and college sports teams and wellness centers around the world to improve performance and enhance recovery and reduce pain and anxiety.


Introduction to Floating Discount for Orlando Health Team Members:

  • First time float program:  2 floats for $89 (this is a $59 savings- not sharable)
  • Orlando Health team members simply show your Orlando Health ID for discount!


Membership program for Orlando Health Team Members: 

  • $59 Charter Membership pricing / 1 float a month / Monthly or annual
  • $99 Annual Membership / 3 floats a month / Annual only- 1 year commitment
    • Annual commitments are awarded a free float upon signing!
    • All memberships are shareable!
  • 50% discount on membership sign-up fee / $19 vs $39
  • Orlando Health team members simply show your Orlando Health ID for discount!


Corporate Contact

(407) 232-7446

25 W. Crystal Lake St. Suite 170, Orlando, FL, 32806