Nonclinical Rotations


The microbiology month will be done in the first 1-2 months of the fellowship, and will provide an in-depth study of the modern clinical microbiology laboratory. Topics covered will provide stain preparation, rapid tests, mycobacteriology, mycology and parasitology. The rotation will be under the guidance of Dr. Kendall Bryant and his team of microbiologists


All fellows will have at least 5 months available to plan, conduct and write up a research project. Broad latitude will be given regarding the type of project, which could range from a "bench" microbiology project to a clinical trial or retrospective review of cases and literature survey. It is anticipated that all fellows will submit at least abstract to a national or international meeting, and that all fellows will submit their work for publication. It is acknowledged that the work might not be published prior to the end of the fellowship, as there is often quite a delay between submission and publication.
All fellows will complete the NIH online research course, and will present at least once during their fellowship at the monthly research conference.