Brody Hingst, MD

Medical School:  University of South Carolina

Academic Interests:  EMS, International Medicine, Ultrasound

Why ORMC:  Hands down, the people. I’ve never seen a happier, more tight-knit group of residents and attendings. I saw that ORMC is one big family, and I wanted to be a part of it. The alumni network is widespread and famously generous; graduates are well-liked and well-known where they work. The training is phenomenal, providing high volume and high acuity in a hybrid academic-county-community center…it prepares you for anything. Residents get loads of autonomy and procedures, and the third years were confident and ready for their first attending gigs. Did I mention free (good) food and free parking? On top of all this, Orlando is a beautiful, young, fun city in sunny Florida. I couldn’t be happier.

Hobbies and Interest:  Football, Intramural sports, Snowboarding, Weightlifting, Writing Poetry, Hiking, Traveling to mountains

Favorite on shift snack and beverage:  Kirkland Trail Mix pack q3h, Sugar-free Monster energy