Scholarly Activities

Grand Rounds

Monthly Grand Rounds from 7am-9am. The first Friday of the month is Fetal Boards presented by Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists followed by three morbidity and mortality cases presented by residents. The second Friday of the month is a guest lecture from either another speciality within Orlando Health or an outside speaker. Also on the second Friday of the month is the resident quality meeting discussing hospital quality improvement projects and cases. The third Friday of the month is Journal club followed by another guest lecture or lecture in one of the OBGYN subspecialties. Finally fourth Friday of the month is a subspecialty lecture and a “Deep Dive” morbidity and mortality case. Our “Deep Dive” is focused on one case along with a literature, financial review of the case.

Simulation Labs

The simulation curriculum is integrated into the resident lecture schedule. The training curriculum is a dynamic set of modules designed to develop and enhance the skills necessary for success in obstetrics and gynecology. Simulation provides a safe way for the residents to learn new procedures and to practice application of knowledge.

Residents review basic knot tying and suturing skills during the first week of residency. As they progress, they work through vaginal delivery and cesarean delivery modules. Through simulation session they solidify their surgical knowledge and perfect the skills necessary for laparoscopic and robotic surgeries as well.

Quality Committees

Residents are active participants on quality committees throughout Winnie Palmer Hospital. One resident from years 2-4 is assigned to attend and participate in department collaboration monthly meetings. Residents then communicate the projects and initiatives of the committees to the entire residency during the monthly resident quality meeting. All residents have quality projects in which they will apply to participate in the Orlando Health Quality Fair.

Research Projects

Contacts on how to get involved

Winnie Palmer has a strong data base for research projects and with a library equipted to provide any publication needed for review. With the help of Dr. Stephen Carlan and or research coordinator residents are able to publish publications throughout their time here.

Organization Affiliations


Residents at Winnie Palmer have had a strong participation in ACOG especially since Florida became District XII. The residents serve as Section III Junior Fellow Vice Chair and Chair. Three of the past District officers have been residents at Winnie Palmer. Residents participate in ACOG meetings at a state and national level in attending and presenting at the Annual District Meeting and Annual Clinical Meeting. Winnie Palmer residents always have a strong participation in the ACOG Congressional Leadership Conference where they lobbying on Women’s Health Issues.
Medical Student School Affiliations

Winnie Palmer Residents have numerous opportunities to teach and work with medical students. University of Central Florida Medical School has a portion of their 3rd year OBGYN clerkship working one-on-one with the residents. Multiple 4th year medical students rotate through to gain further OBGYN experience. Residents also host medical student panels to discuss going into OBGYN, act as mentors, and volunteer with various medical student training events.

Physician Wellness


Each year the residents are provided with lectures on physician wellness. These lectures open the floor for discussion about fatigue, burn-out, and optimal management of stress. In addition, The residents are taught about physician impairment, and they are provided resources for the maintenance of mental health.

Resident Retreat

Our program holds a yearly Resident Retreat- a day for the residents to bond, do some team building, and have fun!