What is Clinical Integration?

Clinical integration is a strategy to improve healthcare quality and value through collaboration among providers and healthcare systems. Orlando Health Network is a clinically integrated network (CIN) focused on achieving the triple aim: improve quality, reduce cost, and improve access.

An effective clinically integrated network fosters interdependence among providers to:

  • Improve the patient experience
  • Improve population health
  • Reduce per capita cost

 What are the benefits to providers participating in the Orlando Health Network (OHN)?
  • Joining a CIN that has outperformed market and national peers on quality metrics across all value-based contracts
  • Access to a dedicated team of resources including: Operations Management, Population Health Coordinators, Analytical Support, Information Technology Specialists and Provider Relations Managers
  • Providing access to new contracting arrangements such as direct to employer and value-based risk contracts
  • Remain independent while leveraging OHN resources to prepare for the value-based care landscape
  • Utilizing claims and clinical data to identify opportunities to close patient care gaps
  • Leveraging care management resources to enhance care transition and case management
  • Expanded educational opportunities, provider-to-provider networking events and sharing of best practices
  • Shared savings contract opportunities with payors

Orlando Health Network is a provider-led organization. What does that mean?

OHN is committed to provider involvement and leadership in all aspects of governance and decision-making.

The OHN Board of Directors is composed of both providers and health system leaders. Providers participate in key committees to make critical decisions: Contracting and Finance, Credentialing & Provider Network Development, Governance and Clinical Programs & Care Management.

Is my practice required to use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to participate in OHN?

Yes, however OHN does not dictate the use of a specific EMR system. 

What is the process to join Orlando Health Network?
  • Submit a credentialing application for each provider
  • Sign the OHN participating practice agreement to enroll the practice’s participating providers in the Network
  • Meet with your operations team quarterly to review provider performance reports and benchmark information

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