Orlando Health’s heart care earns highest quality rating

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons awards Orlando Health a 3 star rating for coronary artery bypass surgery, aortic valve replacement, and aortic valve replacement with coronary artery bypass surgery.

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August 06, 2018, in Corporate News

Orlando Regional Medical Center Announces New Medical Chief Quality Officer

New Medical CQO Will Lead ORMC’s Commitment to High-Quality Care

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August 02, 2018

Orlando Health Welcomes New Vice President of Customer Experience

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July 11, 2018, in Corporate News

PetSmart Charities Donation Expands Pet Therapy Program at Orlando Health

Grant will help increase the number of dog-handler teams providing the healing power of pets from 60 to 90 by 2019

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May 11, 2018, in Corporate News

Orlando Health Equips Primary Care Offices with New Eye Exam Technology

Examining Diabetes Patients for Eye Health

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April 24, 2018, in Corporate News

Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center First to Dose Patient in New Breast Cancer Study

Opening New Treatment Options for Metastatic Breast Cancer

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March 27, 2018, in Corporate News

How TV Dramas Distort Patient Expectations

While spellbinding, medical dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy can create unrealistic expectations for real-life trauma patients entering an actual hospital, according to a recent study.

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March 23, 2018, in Corporate News

Should You Exercise When You're Sick?

Exercise is great medicine for preventing all kinds of health problems, but once you’re sick, it doesn’t help you get better.

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March 22, 2018, in Corporate News

What Stephen Hawking Can Teach Us About ALS

Stephen Hawking was as renowned for his battle with ALS as for his theory on black holes. His success and visibility made the wheelchair-bound physicist, who died March 14 at age 76, a symbol for living productively with a debilitating disease.

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March 19, 2018, in Corporate News

New Mail-Away DNA Test for Breast Cancer Worries Experts

When you want to learn about your heritage, mail-away DNA tests can be fascinating and fun. But when those tests supply information that can lead to poor healthcare choices, experts become concerned.

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March 16, 2018, in Corporate News