Dr. Brahmbhatt, FOX 35 Discuss Appendicitis, Antibiotics

The good doctor discusses a new study about the use of antibiotics for appendicitis.

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Katie Dagenais, M.A.
Orlando Health
Media Relations and Public Affairs Manager

Publication date: Thursday, May 21, 2015

A couple of news stories to bring your way featuring Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, surgeon and physician, PUR Clinic, South Lake Hospital in affiliation with Orlando Health.

Recently, Brahmbhatt appeared live on FOX 35 Good Day Orlando to discuss a new study about the use of antibiotics for appendicitis. Brahmbhatt explained when antibiotics may be appropriate instead of removing an appendix, when surgery is necessary, what people need to know about appendicitis symptoms, the function of the appendix and why surgery may ultimately be the answer for most patients.

Later Brahmbhatt explained a new test for measuring body fat. What is the string test and could it replace the BMI measurement to determine if you should diet?

Watch as Brahmbhatt discusses some of these topics in the FOX 35 link down below:

FOX News 35: Antibiotics instead of surgery

May 21, 2015, in Health