Shared Governance 

Shared Governance is the active engagement of clinical nurses in decision making about nursing practice. Orlando Health nursing leaders believe the patient is the central figure and clinical nurses who are at the point of care are the experts for care given to patients. Therefore, clinical nurses should share in decision making that impacts nursing practice.

Approximately, eight years ago, Orlando Health implemented a shared governance model to allow clinical nurses to methodically examine and drive practice improvements. The councilor model for shared decision making is a formal structure for registered nurses to make decisions that influence nursing practice at the unit, hospital, and corporate levels. This organizing structure, pulled expertise, knowledge, and skills from all practice settings and was created to ensure efficient functioning and collaboration among nurses. Six councils form the shared governance model at Orlando Health and are described below.   

  • Nurse Executive Council

    The Nurse Executive Council (NEC) inspires nursing excellence, ensures safe nursing practice with quality outcomes, and works in partnership with the executive leadership team and the supporting councils to meet the needs of nurses at Orlando Health. NEC serves as the forum for disseminating a corporate focus to those processes affecting and supporting the delivery of patient care. Membership includes: chief nursing officers, patient care administrators, cardiovascular administrators, corporate directors, director of home care, director of clinical education, and the chief operating officer for human resources.

  • Nursing Operational Redesign

    The Nursing Operational Redesign Council (NORC) designs, analyzes, and provides leadership for initiatives that promote improved operational efficiencies, optimizes fiscal responsibility resulting in superior quality care and strong financial viability across all nursing areas at Orlando Health. NORC works in partnership with the executive leadership, nursing leaders, and the supporting councils of the NEC to meet the needs of nurses at Orlando Health. Membership includes: patient care administrators, hospital nursing operations council chairs, nursing practice council chairs, financial managers, and chief nursing officers.

  • Nursing Practice Council

    The Nursing Practice Council (NPC) oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of practice standards, provides guidance, support to nurses at the unit, hospital, and organizational levels and collaborates with various members of the inter-professional team to drive evidence-based practice and innovations that result in extraordinary clinical outcomes. Membership includes: clinical nurses who are hospital nursing practice council chairs from all Orlando Health hospitals and affiliates, home care, physician practice group, and two executive nursing leaders. Other ad hoc members include: representatives from the disciplines of risk management, infection prevention, pharmacy, learning and development. 

  • Nursing Research Council

    The Nursing Research Council (NRC) exists to validate knowledge upon which nursing practice is based, generates new knowledge to advance the science and practice of nursing through promotion and support of nursing research. The NRC works in partnership with the NEC and other nursing supporting councils to serve as a resource for the promotion of nursing research. Members include: clinical nurses, advanced practice nurses, research scientists, nursing faculty, risk management, Institutional Review Board (IRB) representatives, other members that represent a cross section of nursing and other professionals related to research throughout Orlando Health.

  • Nursing Workforce Council

    The Nursing Workforce Council (NWC) develops, implements, and fosters a consistent, sustainable nursing workforce plan and works in partnership with members of the leadership team to meet the nursing workforce needs of Orlando Health. Members includes representatives from finance, human resources, learning & development, recruitment managers, chief nursing officers, patient care administrators, service line clinical administrators, and hospital nursing operations council chairs.

  • Professional Development Council

    The Professional Development Council (PDC) provides strategic direction and an infrastructure which promotes the professional growth of nurses through the components of the nursing professional practice model. PDC facilitates the professional development of competent nurses who are engaged in clinical excellence and caring practices at Orlando Health. Membership reflects a fair representation from the various geographic locations and levels of nursing at Orlando Health.