The schematic depiction of our Professional Practice Model incorporates foundational elements, core values and goals that support nursing practice and the delivery of patient care. The model has been adopted by all nurses at Orlando Health, these areas are:

  • Orlando Regional Medical Center
  • Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies
  • Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center
  • Dr. P. Phillips Hospital
  • Health Central Hospital
  • South Lake Hospital
  • South Seminole Hospital
  • Physician Enterprise
  • Corporate Nursing
  • Home Care

Elements of the Professional Practice Model

The elements of the Professional Practice Model includes our core values of caring practice and clinical excellence, our care delivery model of Synergy and patient centered care, and the foundational elements of research, professional development, quality outcomes, evidenced based practice, exemplary practice, and shared leadership.

Our core values are defined as:

Caring Practice

  1. Trust - a characteristic in which a nurse acts with integrity, honesty and reliability
  2. Compassion – the outward demonstration of caring
  3. Respect – honoring the intrinsic worth and uniqueness of each person
  4. Integrity – adherence to moral and ethical principles
  5. Advocacy – to protect and serve the best interest of patients and colleagues

Clinical Excellence

  1. Collaboration – working together for a common purpose
  2. Autonomy – the freedom and capacity to make informed decisions concerning patient care and nursing practice
  3. Innovation – the introduction of new elements or ideas into nursing practice
  4. Knowledge - expertise and skills of the nurse acquired through experience and education

Elements of the Professional practice model

  1. Research
    • Scientific process used to answer nursing questions
  2. Professional Development
    • Knowledge gained through practice and ongoing education
  3. Quality Outcomes
    • Degree of excellence in measured nursing and patient outcomes
  4. Shared Leadership
    • Nurses at every level actively participating in decision making for practice and patient care
  5. Evidenced Based Practice
    • Integration of the best research combined with clinical expertise matched to patient characteristics and preferences
  6. Exemplary Practice
    • Excellent nursing judgment, knowledge, and skills in collaboration with interdisciplinary partners

Care Delivery Model

Synergy is the relationship between the nurse and the patient that matches the patient characteristics or needs with competencies of the nurse to optimize patient outcomes. Patient centered care is having an understanding of what matters to patients, responding to their preferences, and allowing patients and their families to participate in all clinical decisions that impact their care. Using the framework of Synergy and Patient-centered care, patients receive care through the approaches of team nursing, modified team nursing and primary care nursing.