At Orlando Health, clinical ladder programs exist to promote clinical excellence and professional development of registered nurses in direct, clinical care of acute care patients while in an acute care environment and registered nurses in the operating room in the inpatient and outpatient settings. 

Acute Care Registered Nurse Clinical Ladder Program

The Acute Care Ladder differentiates the levels of education and competency for registered nurses, encourages and rewards attainment of higher levels of education, certification, and practice. 
Using the framework of the Orlando Health Nursing Professional Practice Model and Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert theoretical framework, five levels of the acute care ladder can be achieved. As soon as the educational, nursing experience and elective criteria are met, clinical nurses can be promoted on the ladder at any point during the year. The five levels are:

  • Clinical Nurse I
  • Clinical Nurse II
  • Clinical Nurse III
  • Clinical Nurse IV
  • Clinical Nurse V

Operating Room Ladder Program

The Operating Room Ladder distinguishes between the levels of competency and education for registered nurses, rewards and encourages education, certification, and years of experience as an operating room nurse.

Advancement on the Operating Room Ladder can occur at any point during the year once the years of experience, education, and certification requirements are met for the three levels of the ladder. The levels are:

  • Operating Room Nurse I
  • Operating Room Nurse II
  • Operating Room Nurse III