The Professional Nursing Academy (PNA) exists to provide opportunities for the development of clinical nurses and nursing leaders related to professional nursing practice, quality and safety, nursing research, and nursing leadership.

Structure of the Professional Nursing Academy (PNA)

The course listing for PNA includes face to face classes and webinars. Resources and learning methodologies offered through the academy are designed to: provide clinical nurses and nursing leaders with the tools, knowledge, skills to understand professional nursing, enhance patient outcomes using an informed choice and approach at the bedside, apply nursing research concepts and principles, and to lead and grow professionally at Orlando Health.

Professional Nursing Academy Course Listing

Nursing Practice Series

  • Nursing Practice Council Annual Retreat
  • Magnet® Champion Resource Nurse Role 
  • Facilitating Unit Nursing Practice Councils
  • Making Sense of Data and Graphs 
  • Project Management for Nursing Leaders
  • Performance Improvement & Evidence Based Practice Workshop
  • Preceptor Workshop (Basic/Advanced)
  • Writing for Publication
  • Mentoring in the Moment

Nursing Research Education Series

  • From an Idea to the IRB: Part 1- Developing a Research Idea
  • From an Idea to the IRB: Part 2 - Developing a Research Question and Review of the Literature
  • Risk Assessment for IRB Submissions
  • Ethical Considerations and Protection of Human Subjects in Research
  • The Informed Consent Process
  • How to Put Together a Research Proposal
  • Processes for IRB Submission
  • Qualitative Research and Mixed Methods
  • Designing Quantitative Studies

Nurse Consulting Partners Webinar Series 

  • Strengthening the Unit Professional Practice Culture
  • Basic ABCs of Quality
  • Skills for Developing Unit Quality Action Plans
  • Strengthening Shared Governance
  • Skill Building for Shared Governance
  • Professional Peer Review
  • Skill Building for Professional Peer Review
  • Research & Evidence Based Practice
  • Skill Building for Research & Evidence-Based Practice
  • Innovations in Care Delivery
  • Skills for Fostering Innovation
  • The PPM as an Integrating Force

Jo Manion Leadership Webinar Series

  • From Management to Leadership
  • Creating Commitment in Your Workforce
  • Cultivating the Leadership Relationship
  • Communication for Leadership Success
  • So You Wanna Be a Coach
  • Creating Effective Rewards & Recognitions
  • Building Accountability Into the Work Culture
  • Managing Performance
  • Creating Shared Leadership Teams
  • Conflict Resolution for Today’s Leader
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Polarity Management as Alternatives to Traditional Process Improvement
  • Managing During Times of Extreme Change