Ashlee Jones, RN
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Ashlee Jones, RN - Hematology & Oncology

Orlando Health Cancer Institute - Downtown Orlando

Address: 1400 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32806

Call: 321.841.1893


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Ashlee Jones, BSN, RN is a nurse navigator at Orlando Health Cancer Institute, where she coordinates care for patients with melanoma or sarcoma. She collaborates with a team of professionals to ensure positive patient outcomes and helps create individualized care plans for patients. While Ashlee streamlines care and provides emotional support, she is committed to helping patients with skin, soft tissue and bone cancers and their families understand their condition and treatment plan, so they can make informed decisions.

Ashlee’s Training

Ashlee earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) from the University of Texas at Arlington, graduating with honors. Her associate degree in nursing was completed at Brookhaven College School of Nursing in Farmers Branch, Texas.

About Ashlee

Ashlee is certified in basic life support and pediatric advanced life support.

Academic Information

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Medical Education

University of Texas at Arlington
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