HIM Technician – Conway – Family Medicine – Full-time

Title:                           Health Information Management Technician

Department:            Health Information Management

Dept. Director:        Office Manager

Supervisor:              Office Manager

Location: Orlando, FL 32812


Job Summary

The Health Information Management Technician files and retrieves medical records, creates and maintains records according to the prescribed order, processes permanent transfers, and performs any other activities as necessary. The Health Information Management Technician works effectively with the patient care team.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Files and retrieves medical records for appointments and other requests.
  2. Sorts and files loose reports.
  3. Generates new charts for the units.
  4. Maintains the old record file and Pending Patient file.
  5. Assembles and maintains charts in approved order.
  6. Ensures record completion and provider signature on required forms before filing.
  7. Purges record files when permanent file is full, preparing records for microfilm.
  8. Delivers and retrieves records from the medical units.
  9. Processes permanent and temporary chart transfers.
  10. Follows Physician Associates policy on confidentiality.
  11. Provides courteous and timely service to patients.
  12. Answers incoming calls in a pleasant, professional manner.
  13. Performs all necessary computer related functions necessary for maintaining accurate chart records.
  14. Works effectively as a member of the patient care team and contributes suggestions for improving the department and the organization’s operations.
  15. Understand the Florida statutes and federal laws regarding release of information and are able to fully explain such statutes to inquiring parties.
  16. Assumes other duties as necessary to assure the goals of the Health Information Management Department.

Physical Requirements

  1. Ability to stand and walk for 8 hours per day.
  2. Must be able to reach to a height of 6 feet (may use a step stool) and able to bend to ground level.
  3. Able to carry and/or lift a maximum of 30 lbs. of charts.

Education/Experience Requirements

  1. High School diploma. Experience can substitute for education.
  2. Typing, filing and computer skills.
  3. Demonstrated customer service skills.

To apply send your resume and title of position to mburns@paof.com