Dealing with a practice/department that has internal conflicts can add to the stress and impact productivity and overall satisfaction. Practices fall on a continuum where at one end, everyone feels like a second family and looks forward to coming to work. They do what they do because they are committed to a higher standard. On the other end you find practices where everyone functions in silos, there’s a lot of gossip, internal conflicts, high turnover rates, and they only do the bare minimum that is expected, always waiting to go home and they often dread coming to work. Most practices fall somewhere in the middle but they can vacillate between those sides, especially during times of change and transition. The Wellness and Resilience Program can help practices regardless of where they are on the continuum. A Physician coach can help enhance what’s already working and scale it out so that practices build on successes as well as enhance the areas that need improvement.

There’s no perfect practice, but given the amount of time we spend at work, it’s always good when a practice brings reward and satisfaction to everyone who is part of it. Practice enhancement consists of a physician coach sitting down with leaders and physicians to capture the vision they have for the practice as well as discuss issues impacting it. During this meeting a tentative set of goals and recommendations is provided. A written report is sent to stakeholders and once approved, physician coaches begin to provide guidance, support, and resources throughout every phase of implementation until goals are reached. As part of the practice enhancement process, physician coaches utilize validated instruments to measure levels of engagement, satisfaction, and burnout. These instruments are given at different intervals to further assess the practice and its needs.

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