Radiofrequency Ablation

Our cardiologists may treat your rapid heartbeat with this minimally invasive procedure that can identify and destroy abnormal heart tissue with heat.

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Catheter-Based Cryoablation

Our cardiologists may use catheter-based cryoablation, a minimally invasive procedure, to destroy the tissue causing your abnormal heartbeat.

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Hybrid-Convergent Ablation Procedure

We may treat your persistent atrial fibrillation, or heart rhythm problem, with this minimally invasive procedure that simultaneously treats damaged tissue inside and outside of your heart.

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Traditional Maze Procedure

Our cardiologists may perform a traditional maze procedure to cure your atrial fibrillation, or abnormal heartbeat, by creating a new series of pathways for your heart's electrical signals.

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Watchman Procedure

At Orlando Health, our doctors are trained in the newest surgical techniques and treatments to offer our patients more options for improved health and quality of life. Patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) who cannot be treated with the blood thinner warfarin due to bleeding concerns can now receive a minimally invasive procedure called the Watchman™ implant to reduce their risk of stroke.   

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