US Selumetinib Registry

US Selumetinib Registry

  • Clinical Trial Information

    Trial Contact: Dubberly, Paige D; Armatti, Julie M; Parker, Melanie; Doyle, Katherine M

  • IRB No: 23.196.09

    Protocol Abbrev: ALX-NF1-501

    Principal Investigator: Ana Eugenia Aguilar Bonilla, MD

    Age Group: Pediatric ID: NCT05683678

  • Objective

    The aims of this study are to understand treatment patterns and assess long-term effectiveness and safety outcomes associated with selumetinib treatment as well as to explore clinical and non-clinical factors affecting those outcomes in patients with NF1 and PNs who were aged 2 to 18 years at the time selumetinib was started in a real-world setting.