Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH)

Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH)

  • Clinical Trial Information

    Trial Contact: Frankos, Marie; Durand, Jennifer; Roberts, Michael Todd; Walton, Sherri; De Leon, Ma Theresa

  • IRB No: EAY131

    Protocol Abbrev: EAY131 MATCH

    Principal Investigator: Rebecca L. Moroose, MD

    Age Group: Adult

    Secondary Protocol No: Match

    Treatment: Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice

    Therapies Involved: Chemotherapy ID: NCT02465060

  • Objective

    To evaluate the proportion of patients with objective response (OR) to targeted study agent(s) in patients with advanced refractory cancers/lymphomas/multiple myeloma.

  • Key Eligibility

    Patients must have histologically documented solid tumors or histologically confirmed diagnosis of lymphoma or multiple myeloma requiring therapy and that has progressed following at least one line of standard systemic therapy and/or for whose disease no standard treatment exists that has been shown to prolong survival