Patient Guides

Personally guiding each patient’s experience


Empowering Patients with Personalized Guides

At the Orlando Health Cancer Institute, we believe that empowering patients by giving them the educational tools they need, when they need them, will help them better understand their treatment path. One way we accomplish this is by providing patients with a set of personalized Patient Resource Appointment, Treatment and Survivorship Guides given at each pivotal point of their care. Through these informative guides, we help patients navigate their diagnosis, treatment and survivorship and give them a sense of control at a crucial time.

Personalized guides – created individually and specifically for each patient

The Appointment Guide is designed to welcome each person to our center and introduce them to their medical team. The information included provides patients with what they need to know and expect prior to their first appointment. It includes an organized list of a patient’s appointment times, dates and locations, as well as driving and parking instructions and resources for patients and families who come from outside the Orlando area.

The Treatment Guides are provided to our patients to support each individual treatment plan. Each guide includes facts about a person’s specific disease, stage of diagnosis and treatments they will receive. If a person’s treatment plan changes, an updated Treatment Guide will be provided, ensuring each patient continuously has the information they need. Inspiration and hope are provided through letters from survivors matched with the same type of cancer. Care team photos and biographies are included as well as a glossary and a comprehensive list of advocacy and financial resources.

In addition, when a patient receives their first Treatment Guide, they will also be introduced to their personal mobile and tablet app. The app is unique to each patient and includes their treatment plan specifics. It also provides links to resources to assist them during treatment, allows patients to track their medications and symptoms, and connects with their medical team. If a patient's treatment plan changes, the new information is immediately available on their app.

At the end of treatment, patients receive a Survivorship Guide. This guide will ease the transition from active treatment to follow-up care. It provides a treatment summary for the patient and includes information about possible late effects, health and nutrition, returning to work and what to watch for to help identify signs of a possible recurrence or second cancer.

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For more information about our cancer program and the Patient Resource Guides, please call (321) 841-1869.