The Cancer Support Community at Orlando Health

What is Available

While most in-person classes and events for the Cancer Support Community at Orlando Health have been suspended temporarily, we’re still here for you! Many of our popular support services are available via telephone and web-based programming and several have reopened with social distancing in place. We look forward to reopening additional classes soon.  Click here to download the Calendar.

How to Participate

To receive your calendar, stop by the Cancer Support Community at 1720 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32806, third floor or request a calendar by email at [email protected].

It’s Easy

Our licensed mental health professionals are leading the support groups using telephone conference lines. This means that participating is as easy as dialing in and joining the conversation.  Occasionally we will use a secure Zoom platform.

For information

For questions regarding the calendar and classes available, please contact the Cancer Support Community at (321) 841-5056. You may also check out our live streaming yoga classes on the Orlando Health Cancer Institute’s Facebook page.

10.29.20 Gentle Yoga with Tanya

It is important to stay strong of mind and body throughout cancer treatment. Join us for a gentle and relaxing yoga session where you will experience the restorative qualities of this ancient practice. No experience is necessary. The movements will be tailored to your ability—even if you are limited to using a chair.

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