Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute Bioskills Lab

Introducing our State-of-the-Art Bioskills Lab

Our Bioskills Lab is an innovative and advanced learning environment with state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated to providing medical professionals with hands-on surgical training.

As the largest dedicated resident lab space among the nation's orthopedic hospitals, our bioskills lab allows learners to simulate real-life surgical procedures, using anatomical specimens, medical simulators and synthetic models to advance their skills and knowledge. Within the lab space itself, every surgical specialty can be performed in a realistic operating room environment.

Take a virtual tour of Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute Bioskills Lab.

Features of the Bioskills Lab

The full-service and customizable Bioskills Lab offers surgical stations and advanced equipment, such as endoscopic towers, C-arms, mini-C-arms, microscopes, operating room instruments, suction, minimally invasive surgical instruments and arthroscopy capabilities. A proctor station is available to project onto the 15 monitors within the training space.


Highlights of the Bioskills Lab

  • Professional staff includes skilled technicians dedicated to providing an ideal and effective learning environment
  • Anatomical specimens, medical simulators and synthetic models
  • Radiolucent tables allow full access to X-ray during procedures, providing unrivaled accuracy
  • Customizable event spaces with room for catered events to meet diverse client needs
  • Streaming and broadcasting capabilities allow clinicians to interact with others during their training or record the experience for later review
  • Our live-stream capabilities allow us to stream any surgery occurring within our 22 operating rooms, with a bi-directional communication, creating a beneficial learning environment to watch the surgery and then go practice it within the Bioskills Lab
  • A dedicated proctor station that can utilize any video outputs from our devices to display exactly what is occurring on the monitors within the room, giving everyone the best seat in the house
  • Collaborate with our expert teams to take advantage of a 3D printer to work on complex cases and develop unique devices to advance science and medicine, including a team that can assist with the patent application to advance a remarkable product to market
  • A 116-person stadium-seated auditorium is available on the same floor, with additional meeting space for up to 45 in a classroom-style setting, with an additional boardroom for smaller groups
  • Conveniently located at 62 Columbia St., Orlando, FL 32806 (less than 12 miles from Orlando International Airport), with easy, complimentary parking on site

Hands-On Learning

Our staff of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring a successful training event for all clients, from residency to practicing surgeons. Dedicated, on-site IT professionals are available to assist with software and program needs.

High-Tech Experience

Your training experience can be fully customized to your needs, with complete catering capabilities, including the ability to stream, broadcast and record events. Describe your ideal situation and allow us to design your training event.