Create Your Birth Plan

A birth plan is a list of preferences or wishes for your childbirth experience. At Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, you get to choose how you’d like to welcome your little one into the world, for an experience unique to you and your family. Create your own personalized birth plan, customized from a thoughtful selection of options, services and amenities to fit your vision before, during and after delivery.

Since no two babies are alike, every labor and birth is different. We encourage you to discuss your birth plan with your OB or midwife, and bring a copy with you when you check-in. When the big day arrives, know that we’ve been waiting just for you. You can be confident we will know and respect your choices, while you rely on our expertise to deliver the best possible experience for your entire family.

While you’re here, your safety and the safety of your baby is our biggest priority. We may not be able to guarantee all of your preferences will be appropriate when the time comes. We will work with you to keep your birth experience as close to your wishes as possible. And don’t worry – creating your birth plan will not limit your options once you experience labor. You can change your mind at any time.

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