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If you regained more than 25 percent of weight lost after bariatric surgery or experienced complications, you may be a candidate for a revision or conversion.


Our experienced doctors specialize in the revision and conversion of previous weight loss surgeries. They may recommend a revision or conversion if your bariatric surgery did not achieve lasting weight loss or led to complications. A revision will retain and modify your original procedure, while a conversion replaces an unsatisfactory procedure with a different one. Both can be performed laparoscopically. However, on rare occasions a revision or conversion may require open procedures. Some early weight-loss surgeries proved unsatisfactory or caused complications. They include stapling, jejunoileal bypass and loop gastric bypass. You also could experience problems with more recent procedures if your organs stretch, a blockage forms or a band slips. If you are having trouble with any previous bariatric surgery, ask our doctors whether a revision or conversion could help.