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Arthritis, injury or even cancer can cause a hip cyst. Whether your cyst is painful or not, our doctors will diagnose its cause and develop the best plan for removing, shrinking or dissolving it.


A sports hernia can include an adductor injury as well as a rectus injury called rectus-adductor syndrome. This condition results from the overuse of the area where the tendons of the adductors and rectus abdominis insert into the pubis bone. This condition typically occurs in:

  • Professional male athletes
  • Pregnant women
  • People who use their lower bodies heavily
  • Those with hip asymmetries

The first sign of the inflammation of rectus-adductor syndrome is light pain in the groin area that can radiate to the leg. The pain may only occur during activity and then stop when activity ceases. It is important not to ignore pain in this area of the body, no matter how weak or intense. Our orthopedic specialists can effectively evaluate your pain and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.