Transgender Surgery

If you have made the decision to pursue gender-transitioning surgery, the experts at Orlando Health Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Institute are here to help. Our multidisciplinary team includes plastic surgeons, urologists, gynecologists and other doctors who specialize in transgender surgery and work together to provide the highest level of care to you.

You can trust our experts to guide you throughout the entire process to achieve the body you desire and help you feel like you.

What Is Transgender Surgery?

Transgender surgery, or gender confirmation surgery, is a procedure that changes your body to a different physical gender. It may include facial, genital and chest surgeries.

If you identify as a different gender other than the one you were assigned at birth, we can create a personalized treatment plan for your transition.

Who Is a Candidate for Transgender Surgery?

You are a good candidate for transgender surgery if you:

  • Have identified as a different gender or non-binary for at least one year
  • Are in good health or your health problems are managed well
  • Have a good support system
  • Receive a letter of recommendation to do the surgery from a mental health professional
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcomes of the surgery
  • Can make an informed decision and consent to surgery

Our Surgical Procedures

We offer the following surgeries for those transitioning from male to female:

  • Facial surgeries
    • Chondrolaryngoplasty (shaving the Adam's apple)
    • Eyebrow lift
    • Cheek fillers
    • Contouring the hairline and forehead
  • Breast surgeries
    • Breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer
  • Genital surgeries
    • Removal of the testicles and penis
    • Vaginoplasty (creating a vagina)

We offer the following surgeries for those transitioning from female to male:

  • Facial surgeries
    • Implants to create an Adam's apple
    • Jaw slimming
  • Breast surgeries
    • Mastectomy (breast removal)
    • Moving or removing the nipples after a mastectomy
    • Optional nipple tattoos for those who choose to remove nipples
  • Genital surgeries
    • Hysterectomy (removing the uterus)
    • Phalloplasty (creating a penis)
    • Vaginectomy (removing the vagina)
    • Scrotoplasty (creating a scrotum)
    • Urethra surgery (typically done at the same time as other genital surgeries)
    • Placement of penile and testicular prostheses (artificial body parts)

Supporting Your Recovery

Typically, you will have your facial, chest and genital surgeries separately. You should be aware that revision surgeries are common, and as with all surgeries, there is a risk of complications.

We are here to support you throughout each of your surgeries — physically and emotionally. Our compassionate team can help you find support and aftercare services as you make your transition. We will schedule regular checkups with you to follow your progress.

Contact Us

For more information about transgender surgery, please call us at (321) 841-7090.