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Any child who has been sexually abused or assaulted can receive assistance from The Healing Tree through counseling, support and referral services using treatment approaches that have been found to be extremely effective. The Healing Tree also serves the community by providing educational programs on sexual assault prevention, awareness and recovery, and trains master's degree level interns in the latest counseling strategies for victims of sexual abuse. While the children attend individual or group therapy sessions, their non-offending caregivers also receive appropriate counseling on how to care for themselves and for their children.

The Healing Tree has also developed a treatment program for child victims of physical abuse and their caregivers. The program has been designed to specifically work with families who remain intact after child abuse is revealed or who are reunified shortly afterwards. Through counseling, children are helped to heal, families are strengthened and parents are given coping and parenting skills that reduce the likelihood of re-abuse. 



Highlights of the Healing Tree Program

  • The Healing Tree has served as the leading treatment facility in Central Florida for traumatized child victims of sexual assault for over 30 years, utilizing proven treatment methods.
  • Counselors with specialized training in play therapy techniques, such as sand trays, puppets, dolls, drawing and other child-centered activities to allow kids to express themselves on a comfortable level.
  • The Healing Tree offers confidential crisis counseling, individual and/ or group therapy, and other resources for children from preschool age through age 17, who have been victims of sexual trauma.
  • The Healing Tree has also identified a well-researched treatment method for child victims of physical abuse and their caregivers.
  • Family therapy is provided to strengthen the family unit as a whole, leading to greater long-term success for the child's well-being.

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The Healing Tree   (Main office)
601 W. Michigan St. ~ Orlando, FL 32805
407.317.7430, ext. 2160

The Healing Tree    (Osceola office)
110 W. Neptune Road ~ Kissimmee, FL 34741

Call 1.800.96.ABUSE or law enforcement to report suspected abuse and then call the Healing Tree to begin the healing process.