Orlando Health has joined forces with Doctors’ Center Hospital to create Doctors’ Center Hospital Orlando Health – Dorado in Dorado, Puerto Rico. The new brand replaces Sabanera Health Dorado, the name of Puerto Rico’s 105-bed acute care hospital that opened in March. Orlando Health also has forged an agreement with Doctors’ Center Hospital to team up on four additional hospitals on the island. Doctors’ Center Hospital will continue to manage all five facilities.

Every year, Puerto Rico residents leave the island for healthcare and, over the past 10 years, nearly 1 in 10 have sought care in Central Florida. Receiving high-quality treatment near a patient’s home is an optimum care model, studies show. At Doctors’ Center Hospital Orlando Health – Dorado, Orlando Health plans to introduce new services and advanced technology that can help Puerto Rico’s residents recover near family and friends.

If patients need to travel for treatment, this partnership will improve their continuity of care and make it easier for them to access Orlando Health’s nationally recognized services and physicians.


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