Patient Benefits

In addition to being able to remain in their home and near family and friends, patients who have experienced hospital care at home benefit from decreased infection rates, increased mobility and a 50% less readmission rate, all leading to better outcomes for the patient and overall increased patient satisfaction. 

How does the program work?

Patient care teams identify patients who meet the clinical criteria for inpatient hospital care at home and who are eligible to participate. If the patient agrees to participate in the program, instead of being admitted as an inpatient into the hospital, the patient care team begins evaluation and process to set up the patient’s home:

  • Patient care team conducts a home evaluation based on several factors including the patient diagnosis and needed treatment, available support system at home, proximity to the hospital and insurance coverage.
  • Upon completing a home evaluation, the team sets up a home technology kit to monitor the patient’s vitals including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, and temperature, as needed.
  • The information is automatically transmitted to the 24/7 Patient Care Hub with real-time patient monitoring, including on-demand and immediate audio and visual connections.
  • Patient receives in-home care throughout the day as needed for general monitoring or any necessary testing, imaging or therapies as required.
  • Patients are not required to have in-home caregivers for this program.

Patient Testimonials

Read what our patients have to say about our program:

"Each and every person whom I encountered at the hospital or at home care was extremely friendly and informative. Professional. I was as comfortable as possible throughout this experience!"

"I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. The staff that treated me was always positive and knowledgeable."

"All the personnel were very kind and helpful. They tried their best in making my stay at home the best possible."

"This program is great and I would highly recommend it for those who qualify. I feel that being at home was beneficial and convenient for my family."

"My husband and I were also very pleased with the services and help he received in the hospital and at home."

"Keep this program it frees hospital beds. Not for everyone. But the motivated person who is into self care great. I was more mobile at home than in a Hospital. I reduced my risk of exposure to germs. I slept without interruptions. In home hospital care is cutting edge and was fabulous. The staff was superb. Definitely a great experience. Kudos to the staff and doctors."

"Keep up the innovations you are doing in healthcare. Staff was excellent! The home health experience was a winner!"

"Best experience ever. Please continue to fully fund this wonderful program."

"Overall was a great experience. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to recuperate at home, with all my commodities."