Why Launch an Innovation Program?

Orlando Health Strategic Innovations will bring to life ideas, concepts and inventions from our team members and physicians. Orlando Health's future success depends on our ability to innovate both the way we provide healthcare and the tools we use to deliver that care. One of the best sources for ideas and inspiration is the collective experience of our team members and physicians. Your ideas and concepts will help create a better patient experience and enable Orlando Health to provide even better care with each new innovation.

Innovation at Orlando Health


Innovation Grants

The Innovation Grants program provides seed money to local, very early stage companies that align with our mission, but may not be ready to raise traditional rounds of venture capital.

Launching in Summer 2018


Innovation Partnerships

Innovation Partnerships focuses on advancing and enhancing our core competencies by working with external companies that complement the care Orlando Health provides. 

Launching in Summer 2018

Download the Innovator's Guide

This document also explains how Orlando Health is dedicated to supporting your innovative idea and helping advance the idea through the Foundry program. In the Innovation Guide you'll learn about the journey of a Foundry Applicant, how to create a strong Foundry application, how the Foundry applications are scored and what happens for innovators after they've completed the Foundry program and are on their way to launching their idea.


Do You Have a Great Idea? Apply to the Foundry!

Fill out a brief form to be considered for Orlando Health's Foundry program. After clicking the link you will be asked to create an account on our Foundry portal. After creating your account you can complete your application to the Foundry.

Submit Your Idea