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Orlando Health Ventures Invests in $1.25M Innovative Heart Valve Repair Device

Orlando Health Ventures has invested $1.25 million in Biostable Science & Engineering, an Austin based cardiovascular device company developing heart valve repair technologies that provide an alternative to heart valve replacement for patients.  Biostable’s HAART device provides an alternative to mechanical and tissue valve replacement and reshapes and stabilizes the aortic valve to enable a consistent, standardized surgical approach to valve repair, enabling more widespread adoption of the procedure.


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Team Member Invents Device to Sanitize Pens & Styluses Between Use

Orlando Health Strategic Innovations announced the development of CleanBlock, its most recent team member invention created to aid in efforts to reduce hospital-acquired infections in healthcare settings. The cutting-edge device is designed to decrease the spread of bacteria that can occur through the shared use of handwriting instruments such as pens and styluses. CleanBlock was invented by Orlando Health biorepository manager Todd Roberts to prevent the spread of germs in high volume areas such as waiting rooms and other clinical settings.


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Winnie Palmer Hospital Launches New AI Technology to Address Maternal Health Complications

Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies is the first hospital in Central Florida to implement a new artificial intelligence technology to address preventable health complications during childbirth. TritonTM, a product of Gauss Surgical, monitors blood loss in real time using digital imaging and machine learning on an iPad.