What We Do

Orlando Health Strategic Innovations inspires, cultivates and accelerates innovation across our healthcare system.  With the rapid changes in healthcare we must continue to enhance both the healthcare we provide and the tools we use to deliver that care. By harnessing the creativity, vision and expertise of our team members we bring proven clinical innovations and technological advancements to market, as well as creating new revenue sources through innovation, partnerships, strategic investments, and business development. 

Who We Are

If you’re bold enough to do things differently, you need a team who’s brave enough to do the same. Meet the Orlando Health’s Strategic Innovations team: people who genuinely love what they do and who they work with. We’re innovative designers, masters of collaboration, out-of-the-box thinkers, and all about generating a positive impact within healthcare.



How We Innovate

Balancing the best of what’s developed within Orlando Health with the best of what’s being developed by the market - to inspire, cultivate and accelerate innovation across Orlando Health.

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    Innovation & Product Development

    The Foundry is an Internal accelerator program to identify, refine, develop and commercialize the most promising innovations from our team members and physicians. From software and apps, to medical products and regulated medical devices, we partner with clinicians to develop and validate a wide range of innovative products and services.

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    Design & Clinical Research

    Using design thinking and a human centered approach to guide idea development process, through conception, prototyping, validation and user feedback, all the way to late stage feasibility studies and clinical trials. We use an adaptive process of gathering evidence and insights around innovative ideas through empathy, experimentation and user testing, in order to make faster, informed, de-risked decisions, while maintaining a laser-focus on our end-users.

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    The corporate investment arm of Orlando Health invests financially, operationally and strategically in opportunities with the potential to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient experience and transform how we deliver care. Through a collaborative effort with our clinicians and leaders, Orlando Health Ventures sources, evaluates, and invests in innovative companies whose products or services will help Orlando Health reach strategic goals and align with the enterprise's innovation strategy.

Meet the Team


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Michael Schmidt

Vice President, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations


Bobby Helmedag

Managing Director, Orlando Health Ventures


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Keely DeGroot

Director, Innovation Design & Research, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations



Riham Hanna

Director, Product Development & Program Management, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations



Yuriy Onyskiv

Principal, Orlando Health Ventures


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Aurea Middleton, RN

Clinical Innovation Manager


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Lauren Skinner

Clinical Research Manager, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations



Leticia Valentin

Clinical Research Coordinator II, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations



Tony Mango

Manager, Product Development & Commercialization, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations



Evan Gomez

Engineering Program Manager, Orlando Health Strategic Innovations


Sibo Headshot copy

Sibo Gama-Morales

Investment Analyst, Orlando Health Ventures