We believe that our team members are the best source of innovative ideas and inspiration.

The word "Foundry" means a place or process where materials are formed or molded into new creations. The Orlando Health Foundry is a creative program that helps our team members and physicians explore the potential of their healthcare innovation ideas.

We strive to help team members and physicians refine, validate and scale ideas that demonstrate the potential to meaningfully impact how healthcare is delivered across Orlando Health. From creating a simple sketch to a creating a polished prototype - we do it all and will help guide you through the process of bringing ideas to life.

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Our Mindset

We believe everyone is and can be creative, and that as team members, we are empowered to improve the care we provide. Through the Foundry, your mind will be opened to new ways of thinking about your idea, uncovering deep insights, aligning with strategic imperatives and applying human-centered design to collaboratively develop the most impactful solution. 

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Our Approach

The journey of developing and exploring your idea will uncover new ways of thinking and acting. You will also work collaboratively with a diverse group of experts to create a solution by unveiling deep insights, aligning with strategic imperatives, and applying human-centered design to develop the most impactful solution.

  • empathetic research

    Empathetic Research

    We use empathy to understand the "who" and "why" of the designs we create. We'll help you immerse in the real-world experience of your end-users to develop a deep understanding of the true needs of your solution.

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    Why create things together? Creating the best solution for the challenge you are solving requires working with other people with diverse viewpoints for a better, more cohesive solution. It's also way more fun this way.

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    Iterative Prototyping

    Take your idea from concept to creation, experience it tangibly and validate its effectiveness. After gathering feedback and results, we can quickly change the design for continued testing and feedback.

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Submit Your Idea to the Foundry

Submit your innovative idea to the Foundry for consideration! The Orlando Health Strategic Innovations team will review your submission and follow up with you for next steps. Email [email protected] if you have questions about this process. 

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Our Work at a Glance

Since 2017 the Orlando Health Foundry has identified, refined and advanced Orlando Health's most promising innovation ideas. Our goal is to develop solutions that create impact across Orlando Health and will demonstrate commercial potential to successfully impact the broader healthcare ecosystem.

  • 20+ Projects in Development
  • 3 Issued Patents
  • 8 Patents Pending
  • Product Pilots
  • 6 Clinical Trials