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Strategic Investment in Innovation

Orlando Health Ventures is advancing healthcare innovation by strategically investing in early stage companies and technologies that are transforming and disrupting the healthcare industry. Through a collaborative effort with our clinicians and leaders, Orlando Health Ventures sources, evaluates, and invests in innovative companies that demonstrate potential for a strong return on investment, high growth opportunity and that align with the mission of Orlando Health.

Meet the Ventures Team



Bobby Helmedag

Managing Director, Orlando Health Ventures



Yuriy Onyskiv

Principal, Orlando Health Ventures


Sibo Headshot copy

Sibo Gama-Morales

Investment Analyst, Orlando Health Ventures



Portfolio Companies



Arrivo Bioventures

The company's drugs are produced by a new chemical entity, to identify regulatory strategies, to expedite the path through efficient clinical programs, enabling biotech companies to meet their drug demands and improve patients' lives. Current assets include promising treatments for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Acute Pancreatitis.  Learn more at



The company's technology offers a medical device that provides diabetic patients with a way to regain control of their blood glucose levels, enabling patients to improve glycemic control in patients with T2D. They developed a novel therapy that utilizes pulsed electric fields to promote regeneration of the duodenal mucosa. Learn more at


Process Bolt

ProcessBolt is an operator of a vendor risk assessment platform created to simplify and accelerate the enterprise risk management process. ProcessBolt’s AI-Assisted Third-Party Risk Management Solution is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize how organizations manage and mitigate risks associated with their third-party vendors and partners. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, ProcessBolt equips organizations to assess and mitigate third-party risks with unparalleled efficiency. Learn more at



B-Secur is on a mission to save and improve millions of lives each year by advancing heart health technology that brings greater clarity to EKG interpretation with better data and deeper insights. Their technology uses a suite of powerful electrocardiogram (ECG) algorithms and analytics that enhances signal clarity, reduces signal noise, and delivers FDA-cleared health data with actionable wellness insights. They partner with world-leading medical and consumer devices and platforms to reduce time to market and enhance the next generation of cardiac monitoring. Learn more at

EvidenceCare OOHV


EvidenceCare is a platform that links to a clinician's EHR workflow and delivers personalized, interactive, curated guidance straight into the treatment process, and enables clinicians to give evidence-based care with quantifiable results. Using CDSS technology, variation is decreased and the proper care criteria are documented during usage/admission decisions, thereby enabling healthcare systems to make sure that quality and safety improve, liability is minimized, and efficiency is improved while increasing revenue. For More information visit



Sensydia is developer of a portable, point-of-care hemodynamic measurement device designed to offer the treatment and management of patients with heart disease. The company's device helps in non-invasive monitoring of key cardiac performance metrics to reduce readmissions, lower the cost of care and improve outcomes for patients with heart disease, enabling medical staff to take real-time, objective and informed decisions. For more information visit

410 lifeflow

410 Medical

Founded in 2013, 410 Medical is a medical device company dedicated to developing innovative products that enable frontline medical providers to improve care for critically ill patients. 410 Medical’s first product, LifeFlow, is designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of fluid resuscitation, improving care for patients with life-threatening illnesses such as sepsis and shock. LifeFlow PLUS is a hand-operated rapid infuser that allows clinicians to rapidly deliver blood, blood components, crystalloids or colloid fluids to critically ill patients requiring volume resuscitation. LifeFlow was cleared by the FDA for human use in 2016. For more information, visit

vergent bio

Vergent Bioscience

Vergent Bioscience is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that is helping surgeons realize the full potential of minimally invasive and robotic surgery by significantly improving the visibility of tumors. Vergent’s lead compound, VGT-309, is atumor-targeted fluorescent imaging agentintentionally designed to enable surgeons to see previously undetected or difficult-to-find tumors during surgery in real-time, ensuring all tumor tissue is removed. The company is first evaluating VGT-309 in lung cancer, with the potential to expand its application to a wide range of solid tumors. For more information, visit

Vesalio Neva


Vesalio is dedicated to advancing the care of patients suffering from vascular occlusion by providing physicians superior technology designed to improve clinical outcomes. Vesalio’s proprietary NeVa™ platform is designed to consistently achieve first-pass recanalization in acute ischemic stroke by effectively removing all types of neurovascular clots from a patient’s anatomy. For more information, visit


Bio 54

Bio 54 is the first portfolio company of 501 Ventures. It recently closed on its Series A to advance the IP for a drug/device combination product to treat excessive bleeding in patients on anticoagulants/anti-platelet therapies. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and Life Science executives, 501 Ventures seeks to bring efficiency to drug development by sharing the management team across multiple portfolio companies as well as conducting the majority of clinical work in house.  Our primary focus is non-oncology, small molecule products that are between 18 months to the clinic through Phase 2.  



Quanta DT

Quanta Dialysis Technologies Ltd. is a medical technology leader with a vision for more flexible and accessible dialysis care. Quanta’s portable hemodialysis system SC+ is the only next-generation system that delivers the performance and dose equivalence of larger, traditional dialysis systems—with on-demand dialysate production and high dialysate flow rates—while also offering the portability, digital connectivity and ease-of-use of a next-generation dialysis device. Learn more at


Emergo Therapeutics

Emergo Therapeutics is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on developing drugs that modulate inflammatory cytokines and improve the functioning of the immune system in infectious disease. The company’s lead indication is influenza-like illness (ILI), caused by infection with influenza and other respiratory viruses.

Biostabe SE

Biostable Science & Engineering

BioStable Science & Engineering is a cardiovascular device company focused on developing technologies that provide an alternative to heart valve replacement for patients with aortic valve disease. BioStable’s HAART Aortic Valve Repair Technologies have been developed to simplify and standardize valve repair for aortic valve insufficiency, expanding treatment options for many patients. Learn more at

Screen Shot 20190801 at 104816 AM

Gauss Surgical

Gauss Surgical provides insights that transform patient care. Gauss Surgical's real time blood monitoring solutions provide an accurate and objective estimation of blood loss - helping to optimize transfusion decisions, recognize hemorrhage status and improve patient outcomes. Their signature Triton OR product captures blood loss collected by surgical sponges and suction canisters while integrating into OR workflow, providing superior accuracy when compared to visual estimation and gravimetric methods. Learn more at   Exit Fall 2021



Phynd offers healthcare systems a solution suite of SaaS applications and professional services that securely gathers, manages and shares high quality provider data to improve clinical communications, revenue cycle, provider search, operational productivity and risk management. Phynd is the first healthcare IT company to offer a secure cloud-based platform, SaaS applications and professional services that combine external and internal data sources to create unique composite provider profiles crucial for healthcare business processes and patient care. Learn more at   Exit Summer 2021


reDiscovery Life Sciences

reDiscovery Life Sciences (RLS) is a biopharma company located in Cambridge, MA who specializes in developing new medicines through drug repurposing. Compared with traditional drug development, repurposing can produce results more efficiently and with higher success rates. RLS has advantaged access to the repurposing innovation ecosystem through its proprietary Systems Pharmacology Insights Engine (SPIE). RLS is currently in development of compound RLS-003, a drug to treat Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), which will complete Phase II efficacy studies in early 2023. Learn more at

Health catalyst

Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst is a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations, committed to being the catalyst for massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement. Their enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and analytics platform helps improve quality, add efficiency and lower costs in support of more than 65 million patients for organizations ranging from the largest US health system to forward-thinking physician practices. Learn more at   Exit Fall 2019

Portfolio News & Updates


Neva launch

Vesalio announces successful initial use of NeVa VS device in USA

Vesalio successfully deployed it's NeVa VS device in the United States for treatment of post-aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) cerebral vasospasm. WellStart Health System is the first center in the country to use the device. NeVa VS is currently the only FDA approved device for this indication and the only device on the market specifically designed to treat vasospasm.


Vesalio news callout

Study with Vasalio's EnVast Demonstrates Improved Thrombectomy

Dr. Dario Bongiovanni used Vesalio's EnVast as a bailout thrombectomy in no-flow STEMI after conventional thrombus aspiration failure. Histology showed predominantly red clots aspirated by conventional aspiration, whereas EnVast extracted mixed thrombi with a significantly greater prevalence of platelets and connective tissue. Our preliminary findings suggest that EnVast retrieved more complex and extensive thrombotic structures providing an improved thrombectomy.


BioStable-callout image

Orlando Health Ventures Invests in $1.25M Innovative Heart Valve Repair Device

Orlando Health Ventures has invested $1.25 million in Biostable Science & Engineering, an Austin based cardiovascular device company developing heart valve repair technologies that provide an alternative to heart valve replacement for patients.  Biostable’s HAART device provides an alternative to mechanical and tissue valve replacement and reshapes and stabilizes the aortic valve to enable a consistent, standardized surgical approach to valve repair, enabling more widespread adoption of the procedure.


Gauss callout

Winnie Palmer Hospital Launches New AI Technology to Address Maternal Health Complications

Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies is the first hospital in Central Florida to implement a new artificial intelligence technology to address preventable health complications during childbirth. TritonTM, a product of Gauss Surgical, monitors blood loss in real time using digital imaging and machine learning on an iPad.