Tips for International Visitors

Traveling to the U.S. for Planned Medical Care

As the premier medical provider in Central Florida, Orlando Health provides care to thousands of international patients each year. To ensure you have a smooth entry into the United States in advance of treatment, it is recommended to thoroughly research requirements before you arrive as visitors seeking care may require a visitor visa or other documentation. For further information on your particular entry requirements we recommend you contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to your home.

Unplanned Medical Care or Emergencies When Visiting the U.S.

Unfortunately, accidents or unplanned visits to the emergency room or urgent care clinic may occur while you are visiting and can be a stressful situation. Visitors to the U.S. may find healthcare costs and processes to be different from their home country or other countries they have visited. Here are some helpful tips when visiting the U.S. should you need to seek emergent or urgent care:

  • Call 911 for Emergencies: In case of a serious medical emergency, call 911 and emergency services will send an ambulance to your location.
  • Identification and Documentation: Bring your passport, travel visa, and a copy of your health insurance policy or travel insurance policy if you have one. This will help hospital staff verify your identity and insurance coverage.  To ensure they’re always accessible, leave copies with someone back home and consider saving them to the cloud file.
  • Know Your Allergies and Medications: Make a list of any allergies you have and the medications you are taking, along with the dosage and directions. Having this information readily available can be critical, especially in the case of emergencies.
  • Communication:
    • With medical providers: It is important when patients are receiving care they are able to communicate comfortably and effectively with physicians and the care team. All of our patients have the right to obtain an interpreter at no cost. Visit our Language Resources page to learn more about medical interpreters and other services.  
    • With loved ones: Your overseas phone may not work in the United States, so we recommend establishing multiple ways to contact family or friends.  It is also important to note the international calling codes for the countries you may be calling.
  • Cost Awareness: Even with insurance, you may be responsible for co-pays or deductibles. Ask about potential costs before any procedures.
  • Contact Your Embassy or Consulate: In more serious cases, your Embassy or Consulate may be able to provide additional support and information.

Where Should You Go for Care?

When visiting Central Florida, you will have access to high quality, health-related options and medical services for when accidents happen or a sickness occurs.