For Providers

Our Unique Position in the Market

We are experienced in value-based care and bring a proven track record of success. We provide the infrastructure, analytics and care coordination that pave the way for high-performing providers to thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape. 

Benefits to Providers:

  • Utilizing the resources of Orlando Health Network to prepare for the value-based care landscape.
  • Access to new payor contracts, including shared savings arrangements, risk contracts and direct-to-employer offerings. 
  • Expanded educational opportunities, physician-to-physician networking events and sharing of best practices to further Orlando Health Network’s patient-centered approach to care.
  • An established and successful population health program, including dedicated operations, analytics, technology and care coordination resources.
  • Being part of one of the most successful provider networks in the country.

Our Dedicated Team: 

  • Operations Managers meet with physicians quarterly to discuss provider performance across the value-based contracts and serve as Network liaisons. 
  • Population Health Coordinators provide care management for optimal outcomes with high-risk patients and chronic disease populations.
  • Analytics experts generate detailed dashboards to monitor performance and assess Network opportunities.
  • Information Technology Specialists offer subject matter expertise and technical support, while facilitating implementation of care management tools.